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                                                                               Now accepting reservations for Valentine's Day

                                                                 Open Mic with Bill McCarthy every Wednesday Night 6-9pm 

                                                                          (Bonus Open Mic night February 25th)

                                                                         Terry Bradley every Thursday Night 6-9pm

                                                                             Live music every Friday and Saturday

                                                                                                January/February 2020 

                                                                          Joe Cariglia    - Friday January 31st 

                                                                          Liam Coleman - Saturday February 1st

                                                                          Terry Bradley – Friday February 7th

                                                                          Rivers Between – Saturday January 8th

                                                                          Steve Tolley – Friday February 14th

                                                                          Sean Fullerton – Saturday February 15th

                                                                          Three Of A Kind – Friday February 21st

                                                                          Tom Gilmartin  – Saturday February 22nd

                                                                          Voxx88 (Lynn Garrits & Ed McCarron) – Friday February 28th

                                                                          Chris Barber – Saturday February 29th


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Help Wanted:

Looking for an energetic and enthusiastic waitress and bartender 

      Looking for a experienced and creative cook, part time.